Our Approach

Most businesses are facing stagnant markets, heightened competition and a highly uncertain environment. There is a natural tendency to pour more resources into the same old formulas in an effort to improve top line and bottom line results. Unfortunately, it usually results in diminishing returns on investment.

The Provenance Group® works with management teams to develop new opportunities that generate higher levels of return and result in accelerated growth and increased profitability. We utilize strategy, innovation and entrepreneurial principles to help organizations develop opportunities that will drive higher levels of success. These opportunities can be in the form of more highly differentiated products, innovative strategies, new markets, next generation business models or any other type of opportunity that has the potential of generating greater than average returns. Because these high potential returns carry with them greater implementation challenges, we also work with organizations to provide special implementation tools that are used to execute these promising opportunities.

The Provenance Group believes that every organization can become more opportunity focused, highly innovative and agile in a way that will drive sustainable growth and success.
Our philosophy...

The Provenance Group works with you to create and develop opportunities that are specific to your company's needs and objectives. Instead of using generic or boilerplate solutions, we work with you to devise customized solutions that will create the growth and results that are right for your organization and your industry.
Our consulting model...