Organization Innovation Assessment

The Provenance Group can conduct a full organizational assessment and provide you and your management team with in-depth knowledge of where you stand, what areas are in greatest need of development and what you can do to advance your organization to a higher level of ongoing, consistent innovation.

Upon the completion of this assessment, you will have a clear indication of your strengths and development needs in the following areas:


Checking the Mindset for Innovation

  • Innovation awareness
  • Innovation knowledge base
  • Orientation toward opportunity and risk
  • Ambidexterity (ability to simultaneously manage bottom line results and innovation)
  • Innovation leadership

Organizational Culture

Checking the Capacity for Innovation

  • Attitude toward risk and failure
  • Adaptability to change
  • Openness and trust
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Tolerance of diversity of ideas
  • Roving leadership


Checking the Infrastructure for Innovation

  • Processes for sourcing innovation
  • Implementation processes for major innovation
  • Innovation portfolio management
  • Communication systems
  • Aligned structures
  • Aligned strategy and planning processes
  • Aligned organizational systems

Organizational Abilities

Checking the Skills and Expertise for Innovation


Uncovering the Road Blocks to Innovation


The Process

The process is designed to develop a thorough assessment of all key aspects of your organization. The results will give you a clear idea of where your organization is very competitive and areas that need further development. The process is broken down into four straightforward steps.

Organizational Assessment Process

The first step in the path is awareness. A full Organizational Assessment provides that first step.

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