Innovation by Design™

The Innovation by Design services utilize various processes and tools to help guide a management team in the development of high-impact innovations that will generate new opportunities and accelerate growth.  There are fundamentally three engines of innovation.

The first is Spontaneous Innovation.  In every healthy organization, numerous innovative ideas emerge randomly within the organization.  An organization skilled in innovation processes knows how to capture and test the best ideas and develop them into full-blown innovation initiatives.

The second innovation engine is Intentional Innovation.  This is innovation that is created through uniquely designed processes that develop strategic innovation initiatives in areas targeted by the senior management team. These processes are specifically designed to help management teams break out of long-standing paradigms.

The third engine for innovation is External Innovation.  Organizations that pursue external innovation recognize that, no matter how skilled they become at developing innovation internally, they will never originate all the best innovation ideas from within.  Many large organizations wait until external innovation is fully proven and then pay a premium price to acquire those entities that have developed the innovation.  Well-developed external innovation processes, however, will identify those emerging innovations at an earlier stage and capture them before it becomes obvious to everyone.  

The Provenance Group can guide organizations in developing any or all three innovation engines.  In addition, The Provenance Group can assist the senior management team in developing the fundamental transformation needed to create a true Innovation Organization - one that can produce ongoing, sustainable innovation.  This transformation will take place in four fundamental areas:

  • The management mindset
  • The organizational culture
  • The organizational infrastructure
  • The needed organizational skills