Revitalizing Strategies and Generating Opportunities

The Provenance Group® can help guide a process for developing high-impact strategies that will generate new opportunities and accelerate growth. In many cases, current growth and profitability results and trends are not meeting the expectations and aspirations of the management team and key stakeholders. Breaking out of this trendline and moving to a new trajectory requires bold new strategies. At the foundation of this process is innovation -- major innovation that will create new areas of differentation and increased competitive advantage or will generate new opportunities that can add to the core business.

The process is tailored to meet the specific needs and address the unique circumstances of the client. It will utilize a number of different tools depending on the objectives of the management team. The following is just a sample:

  • An Intentional Innovation Process for generating innovation opportunities in targeted, strategic areas Learn more....
  • A Business Model Analysis for creating new and significant areas of differentiation
  • Strategic Process Innovation for developing competitive advantages in key strategic processes

Executing New Strategies and Pursuing Opportunities

The Provenance Group can provide guidance and assistance in implementing major strategic initiatives and the pursuit of promising new opportunities. High potential opportunities usually involve significant challenges and higher levels of uncertainty. These challenges require special approaches to assure success. The following is a sample of some of these approaches:

  • The Proof Point Process for managing high potential, higher risk projects
  • A portfolio management approach designed to create above average returns through high potential opportunities
  • Change management methods for addressing resistance to major initiatives

Creating Ongoing, Sustainable Success

The Provenance Group can also provide assistance in creating longer term, sustainable success. It can involve redesigning or adding key processes and systems. Most organizations, for example, do not have well defined processes for creating and implementing major innovation initiatives on an ongoing basis.

We also work with management teams to help orchestrate a significant shift in the organizational culture to make it more innovative and more entrepreneurial. We can provide cultural assessments and various services such as organizational development and executive coaching to assist in this ongoing process.

Longer term success often involves developing new organizational awareness and skills. We can provide training and development programs for elevating the awareness and skill level of the organization.