The Provenance Group® has historically worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to high technology ventures. We have integrated the experience of both of these worlds and developed methods for strategically remaking larger organizations into more dynamic, more innovative and more entrepreneurial businesses.

This has culminated in a range of services we call Innovation by Design™.  Through the years, we have developed a number of principles, processes and tools that can be applied in more mature organizations to create ongoing success.  It required changing how larger organizations develop and implement strategy.  It necessitated changing the traditional views of innovation, risk and opportunity.  It meant re-examining some of the underlying elements of the culture.  

New processes and project management techniques had to be developed for managing high potential, higher risk projects.  Change management techniques had to be adapted to overcome the natural resistance to major innovation initiatives.  The result is a comprehensive set of approaches for revitalizing large organizations and creating accelerated growth.

The approaches used in Innovation by Design are not be confused with fundamental approaches used in Design Thinking (or, at least, the original approaches of Design Thinking).  While some of the principles of Design Thinking are utilized, Innovation by Design goes far beyond, is much more comprehensive and can be utilized with all forms of transformative organizational innovation.