Consulting Model

We frequently hear from clients that they have been frustrated with consultants because the consultant possessed a hammer and tried to force them into being a nail. This is the age old complaint about consultants. That is why we have spent years in research and development and formed a number of partnerships in order to be able to provide clients with all that they need and only what they need. We have three fundamental elements to our approach.

First, The Provenance GroupĀ® provides exactly what is required by the client, not the flavor of the day. Each approach is customized to the client's situation and needs. Many firms specialize in a couple tools or have a rigid process that they force the client to adopt. We are highly flexible in our approach and can provide consulting that ranges from developing new strategic direction to providing guidance for a specific innovation project. Through experience and research, we have developed an array of successful strategy and innovation concepts, processes and tools that can be applied to any client need. True enterprise consulting can never be a "one-size-fits-all" approach.

Second, The Provenance Group develops solutions in a collaborative partnership with the client organization. It is always a joint effort and, as part of that, we always strive to develop key members of the client organization to be able to lead future efforts. It will never be a case where a group of MBAs show up, present an answer and then disappear....along with their "expertise."

Finally, The Provenance Group provides a comprehensive and integrative approach. Rarely does a solution involve just one functional group or one level of management in a client's organization. Rarely can complete success be achieved without integrating "hard" solutions (new strategies, new processes, etc.) with "soft" solutions (aligning the culture, coaching key managers, developing new skills). We utilize a total solutions approach that combines business and enterprise elements with individual and organizational elements.