Merle Symes
CEO and Co-Founder

Merle Symes is the CEO and co-founder of The Provenance Group®. He works with senior managers to create opportunities through strategic innovation. To assist with this, Mr. Symes has developed proprietary processes such as the Intentional Innovation Process, a specially designed process that creates targeted innovation in management directed areas, and the Proof Point Process for managing higher potential, higher risk projects.

In his career, Mr. Symes has held a number of executive positions and he brings a practical knowledge and approach to innovation and entrepreneurialism. Such positions include President and CEO of Ulrich Medical USA where he increased sales by over 60% and profitability by 35% over a three-year span. He was also Vice President, External Technology for Bausch & Lomb where he established a process for locating and acquiring external technology that was recognized by the Corporate Executive Board as being one of the top five best practices identified in their research of major companies. Mr. Symes has served in executive positions in both the U.S. and Europe. Prior to Bausch & Lomb, he held positions in Wyeth (formerly American Home Products), Monsanto and Dupont. He regularly advises boards of directors and has held director positions on both public and privately held companies.

Mr. Symes has an MBA from the Wharton Graduate School and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology where he has been honored with their Distinguished Alumni Award.


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Beth Symes

Beth Symes is co-founder of The Provenance Group and a consultant specializing in elevating the performance and creativity of individuals and teams. She is a highly experienced and certified executive coach who works with senior executives of major corporations, not-for-profit and government organizations. Ms. Symes regularly facilitates ideation sessions to release group creativity and is an expert in developing an innovation culture. She is skilled at helping organizations overcome innovation resistance and utilize change management techniques to achieve breakthrough innovation.

Ms. Symes has worked with corporations in Europe and North and South America. She has partnered with well known organizations such as London Business School and Lane4 in the United Kingdom as well as Integrity Systems and Leadership by Design in the U.S. In addition to her consulting work, Beth hosted an international internet radio talk show for several years called "Work Life Today" which focused on individual and organizational performance issues.

Ms. Symes has a masters degree from Washington University in Human Resource Management and is a graduate of the Fielding University Graduate program in Evidenced Based Coaching where she earned the ICF designation of PCC. She has a BA in English from Rutgers University. Prior to her consulting career, Beth had over 20 years of managerial experience in the pharmaceutical, airline and hospitality industries.

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