Pulse® Feedback Software

Great ideas can come from anywhere - members of your organization, customers, partners in your supply chain, the general public. The problem is that those ideas typically get lost in the shuffle.

The Pulse Feedback Software System changes all of that. Gone are the days of the ineffective suggestion box. Gone are the slow and cumbersome methods for collecting customer feedback. Today's competitive environment demands that all good ideas be captured. It also demands the flexibility of being able to tap open source networks. This requires an efficient, easy-to-use system for developing, tracking and converting the best ideas into true innovation. Successful innovation leads to greater differentiation and competitive advantage.

Pulse is a versatile system that can be utilized for internal use or with any number of external sources. It can be used, for example, to capture employee ideas on an ongoing basis or through targeted innovation themes. It can also be used as on online brainstorming tool. This system can be used with customers to provide continuous feedback or for online focus groups. Pulse facilitates and automates your idea processes and provides an idea management system that can become a major contributor to your innovation success.

Insight Mapping™ Market and Technology Intelligence System

Insight Mapping starts where search engines end -- discovering what's changing about existing issues or uncovering new issues you haven't yet identified. Built from software developed for government intelligence agencies, Insight Mapping provides peripheral vision, exploring vast amounts of information to target emerging changes in your marketplace or technology.

Search engines do only that - retrieve information containing your key words for you to read. Insight Mapping integrates multiple search engines with a Discovery Engine to spot emergent patterns, shifts and trends.

Think of it as a search engine with artificial intelligence to detect:

  • What's new - never mentioned before?
  • What's changing fast or gaining momentum?
  • What's connected or related?
  • What's different among the similar?

In this hyperchange world where markets shift overnight and new competitors emerge from anywhere in the world, businesses cannot afford to be caught flat footed. Insight Mapping provides early warning to enable managers to stay one step ahead.